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My passion is motivating students to use art as a vehicle to understand the world in which they live to help prepare them to become productive, responsible global citizens.  After completing an undergraduate degree in Art History at DePaul University, I quickly returned to school for a masters degree in Art Education.  This is my 10th year teaching in Chicago Public Schools. As a high school student, I struggled with feeling motivated to do well in school.  I decided to become a teacher, to make the experience more meaningful for others.  Right now I teach Multimedia/Graphic Arts and MYP International Baccalaureate Art.  


 I love to travel. I have been to over 30 different countries.  I love looking at art from other cultures and  sharing what I have experienced with my students.  I am excited to teach my students all the fun  and meaningful things  you can do with Multimedia and Studio Arts.





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