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Drawing a Street in Another Country Guidelines

Your Goal:

-To understand and create proper positioning of objects and buildings and learn their effect on surrounding objects in a city in a different country.

-To understand the effect on objects in foreground and backgrounds.

-To look at a city in another country and identify what makes that city unique.

Enduring Understanding:

Students will understand that…

-Perspective is the technique used for creating a sense of depth and space on a 2D surface

-In order to create convincing cityscapes, one must understand the role that perspective plays as well as having

-The orientation of lines is vital for creating dynamic shapes in perspective

Essential Questions

-How do artist achieve the illusion of depth on a two-dimensional surface?

-How can adding details to a drawing suddenly transform its meaning?

By the end of the project, you must be able to:

-Identify the necessary vocabulary and use it as they talk about their artwork

-Utilize vertical, horizontal, converging and parallel lines to create a dynamic foreign city scape.

-Draw objects in proportions based on their distance from the viewer

-Express their ideas in a physical form through a foreign city creation

-Create multiple shapes in accurate perspective using one-point perspective techniques

-Arrange shapes and identifying clues representing a foreign city within a space either behind, in front, on top or at the bottom of each

other in relation to their perspective.

-Create a themed city utilizing one-point perspective



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