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Quilt Designs 

1. Choose a quilt pattern. You will do a total of 3 different quilt patterns. 2 of the patterns should have some sort of theme. For example, music, winter...the other can be a themed one or it can be based on colors.


2. Do a search for some interesting backgrounds to create your quilt. Save at least 4 backgrounds and or textures. Look in your folders you made earlier this year this well.


3. Open up your quilt image, resize it to 6x6 inches…..Resize the image, by going to Image------>Image size and change the size to 6x6 inches


4. Use the magic wand tool to to insert different patterns and textures.


5. You can change the overall colors and look of your quilt by trying different settings in Photoshop.


6. Goto Menu---->Image-------->Adjustments-------> then use any of the options you see on the right side below.


7. Zoom in when you are done and touch up any areas… or any white spots that may show. You want this to look perfect. 


8. Put your name at the bottom of the quilt block in one of the sections. Make your name small, but readable.


9. When you are done with all three, save as jpegs and send them to me. ALL AT THE SAME TIME.


10. Upload finished work to your website.



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