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Face Mandala 

- Take a digital photo of yourself and upload it to the computer. Open this image in photoshop. To protect this image, copy and paste it into a new document. 

1. To do this go to File>Open... (open your photo).... 

2. Then copy your photo by pressing: Command A, Command C, Command V

4. Now close your original photo. 

5. Open the Mandala Template that I have provided for you. After you have downloaded <------Mandala Template 

6. Your job is to take your face and put it into each pie piece, rotating it around the 

7. Using the Magic Wand tool, select one of the pie pieces. 8. Go back to the picture of your self.

8. Select the whole canvas by pressing Command A, then copy it by pressing Command C. 

9. Now go back to the Mandala Template. You are going to paste your face into the pie piece that is selected by going to Edit > Paste Special > Paste Into. 

10. Now your face will be too large for the pie piece. Transform your face size by pressing Command T. Manipulate your face to a size that you like that fits inside your 

11. Now, using the Magnetic Lasso tool, cut the pie piece out that has your face in it. 

12. When you have marching ants around the entire piece, press Command C and then Command V to cut and paste the pie piece on your canvas.

13. Press Command T to manipulate the pie piece into the other areas of the circle. 

14. Continue to do this until your entire circle is completed. 

15. Save as your work when you are done. 

16. Save As your image as a jpeg and email it to me.

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