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Mural and Mosaic Experiences 


I first started larger scale projects when i was a student at Depaul.  I took a Mural painting class that really interested me in art in public spaces.  In this class we traveled all over Chicago studying different murals and their artists.  I was fascinated by all the stories and work that went behind works that I looked at all the time and took for granted. 


My first work was with the St. Vincent DePaul Center on Halsted in Chicago.  The center was newly rebuilt and was the home for many different city services including child care, outreach, senior services and social services.  I loved that the center brought so many different services to the community.  When the building was first built, it was in need for some character.  I worked together with Depaul students to create a100 foot mural of "friendly monsters" and characters for the parking garadge wall.  This was a place where small children were dropped off in the morning for daycare.  We decided to paint "friendly monsters" to great them every day.  



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