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Create 5 Object Posters  (8.5 X 12 inches)...picture can go horizontally or vertically each poster should take 1-2 Class periods, if you are doing them correctly.



The golden mean is a mathematical ratio discovered by the early Greeks, who felt it was a ratio that portrayed the ultimate in harmony and visual balance. They  first witnessed the proportions of the golden mean in nature and then began applying them to their own creations.


Each Poster should:

1. Represent one object, a strong yet simple visual image... (fish hook, guitar, scissor, fork, boot)


2. Each object should be repeated multiple times in various sizes.  


3. Text should be included, the first letter of the word... a letter of the alphabet in either upper or lower case that becomes a part of your design. The letter should relate to your theme; for example, "G" for Guitar. You may use this letter more than one if desired.


4.  A word that begins with your selected letter. For example, "B" for bulldog. Your word may be used more than one if desired.

5.  Only 2 colors can be used... plus black and white.   Variations of these colors can be used as well…….

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