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Juxtaposed Images 



- For this project, you are going to juxtapose your face into famous artworks, and celebrity/sport pictures OR historic photographs (your choice). This will help you learn how to cut and paste, play around with opacity and blur tools and also figure out how to use the photoshop tools to make yourself look realistic.


-First, you will have to figure out what pictures you are going to juxtapose. (you should have a total of 5 images… 3 historic famous artworks 2 celebrity/sport images or historic photographs


-You will need to include the original picture alongside each juxtaposed image.


-Take your picture so that you are making similar facial expressions as the picture you are trying to copy. ( you will have to take your picture at least 5 times to get your images )


-When you are should have a total of 5 images… 3 historic famous artworks and 2 celebrity/sport images or historic photographs. When you are finished with all 5, make sure they are saved as jpegs and emailed to me.


-You also need to put all of your images on your website under your Photoshop Projects tab, the heading should be called Juxtaposed Images. fter you have selected three famous artworks, cut and paste your face into the works like these images below.


-Under the famous artworks, be sure to include who the original artist is and what the name of the picture is.

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